Holston Conference has been in a partnership with a community of United Methodists in Yei, South Sudan, since 2005. Over the years, Holston congregations and church members have invested more than $3 million to build churches, establish orphanages, provide education, dig wells, offer medical care and multiple other life-giving services throughout the East African nation.

In 2016, civil war again erupted in South Sudan. Escaping violence and starvation, many of the people that Holston members are closest to ran to neighboring Uganda.

Since then, they’ve been living in a refugee camp in the Arua District of northwest Uganda, waiting to go back home. The people include 37 orphans, 15 pastors, and about 20 staff who Holston Conference has committed to keeping safe.

Update: Critical Needs, Critical Time

Non-designated funding for Holston’s South Sudan mission will be nearly depleted by June 2020. In an effort to help, the Holston Foundation will match up to $75,000 for every dollar donated to continue the South Sudan ministry.

This investment in a Holston Conference ministry is the largest matching opportunity in the Foundation’s history. The goal is to raise $150,000 total:

  • $55,000 for education
  • $50 for medical, compound, annual conference expenses
  • $45,000 for operations

Watch this video for more information!