Dear friends,

Below is a letter from Libby Dearing updating us on the latest news surrounding GRACE Home. Please continue to keep our South Sudanese sisters and brothers in your prayers as they navigate these difficult decisions.

It is with much sadness I submit this update on our children of GRACE Home. As many of you are aware, the children have been together in the refugee camp in Uganda since July 2016 after fleeing for safety from South Sudan’s civil war. They were being educated, and we continued to support them and care for them as the family they were.

However, Uganda has a law against orphanages and has closed us down, despite our pleas that we are a family and not an orphanage. The Office of the Prime Minister of Refugees (OPM), Save the Children, and UNHCR took the children somewhere in the refugee camp and are trying to find homes for them. We asked that they at least send the children to their extended family, but they refused. The staff is currently not allowed to visit the children and we have not been informed of where they will be going.

I ask that you keep the children in your prayers. Our hope was to continue to support the children with education, but we do not know if that will be possible if they are scattered throughout the different camps. I know God is still in this situation and we must be strong. I wish I had more information, but that is all I know at this time.

Thank you all for continuing to support the children with your prayers.

In His Service,
Libby Dearing