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What to Know Before Coming to Worship

Posted by on Jun 18, 2020

Click the link below to access our brochure that details our plans for coming back together. Please note that this plan applies to all events at the church, including small group meetings, Sunday School classes, and groups not affiliated directly with the church. The following plan was approved by our own Church Council based on CDC guidelines, the Holston Conference Plan, and our own needs.

Please note that we are limited on seating in the sanctuary. Plans are currently being made to allow people to sit in the Fellowship Hall and watch the service on a screen should we have an overflow crowd. Also, an FM transmitter has been ordered for those who don’t feel comfortable worshiping inside, but would like to tune in on their car stereos from the parking lot! Room for a family of four and a family of two has been created in the overflow room. If you wish to be a volunteer to move to the overflow room or the Fellowship Hall in the event capacity is reached, please let the Pastor know. Also, if in the past you have attended both services, please plan to attend early service if possible for now. Thanks in advance.

If you are the leader of an existing class or group at Tuckaleechee UMC (including Sunday School classes that wish to meet), please download and fill out the following document. This is required before resuming the meeting.

If you are a group seeking to use Tuckaleechee UMC facilities, please download the document below, read and sign it, and return it to the church. This is required before your group can start or resume meetings at Tuckaleechee UMC.


  1. Lot of work went into this by Pastor Richard. Not a challange addressed before!

    • Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. …. Greetings,… !!! … Linda & I were visiting the graveyard there on Tuesday evening and saw the huge black bear,… had a great visit with Pastor and his Mrs, and he promised to send Linda the video and photos he made,… maybe they can be sent successfully to my number,…? … thanx, and hope to see you on next visit,… !!! … 931-371-2126,… Thank You,… Bud and Linda,…

    • I have tried to send it repeatedly. I am having serious issues texting people this week since a thunderstorm hit. Let me know if you ever got it.
      Pastor Richard

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