Here is a communication from Mike Sluder at the Holston Conference Office:

Greetings Holston Conference!

Thank you for all the ways that you continue to be the church in the midst of these trying times. The innovative ways you have found to be in ministry and continue to make disciples is an inspiration. In light of the news about the postponement of Annual Conference, I wanted to reach out with the news that our annual Hands On Mission project will go forward as planned. The needs in Liberia and Zimbabwe are still great, if not even greater, as they, too, struggle to cope with COVID-19. All the supplies we send will be an incredible blessing.

I realize that some of the supplies may be difficult to find. Do the best you can to obtain as much as you can while maintaining the social distancing guidelines. I will work with the shipping company to adjust for any changes that need to be made for Customs purposes. We will be loading the shipping containers on June 3 & 4. As in past years your District office will communicate the collection days and location for your area. Thank you for your faithfulness and your passion to serve our brothers and sisters in Liberia and Zimbabwe.  


Mike Sluder

Director of Connectional Ministries

Holston Conference of The United Methodist Church 

Contents for the Food Buckets:

Pack in a NEW 5-gallon bucket with lid. (The buckets will be provided at the church and left on the Assembly Room porch a few at a time. the $5 fee is not required, as it will be paid by the Mission and Outreach group. After the first 50 buckets are filled, the remaining buckets are on you!

1 bag corn meal (4- 5 lb.)
1 bag grits, butter flavor
1 bag rice (2 lb.)
1 bag dried beans (2 lb.)
1 powdered milk (10 oz. or less)
1 box quick/instant oats (18 oz. or less)
1 bottle cooking oil (48 oz. or less)
1 box Splenda/sucralose (50 ct. or less)
Canned Ham (2 lb. total)