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2019 Hands-On Mission Project

It’s hands-on mission time again! The Smoky Mountain District will be collecting food buckets for Zimbabwe again. Take a bucket in the vestibule and fill it up with the items on the list. In addition, please see John Morgan, our Lay Leader, if you wish to pay for a bucket to be filled. Please note that due to customs regulations, the list must be followed exactly as written. Buckets can be rejected by the government of Zimbabwe if they are not properly filled! Buckets are due no later than June 2. Please do not include the $5 shipping fee as the Mission and Outreach group will be supplying that fee. Thanks in advance for your gifts.

1 Corn Meal 4-5 lb.                                                     1 box (12pk.) Grits, Butter Flavor

1 Bag Rice, 2 lb.                                                          1 Bag Dried Beans, 2 lb.

1 Powdered Milk, 10 oz. or less                                  1 Box quick/instant oats, 18 oz. or less

1 Bottle Cooking Oil, 48 oz. or less                             1 Box Splenda/Sucralose 50ct. or less

Canned Ham, 2 lb. total

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